Moving, again

victoria  —  September 9, 2012 — 1 Comment

We’re staying in Nashville for now but the new place is smaller – though better laid out. It’s giving me the opportunity to think about what I should hold onto and what I should let go of. I went into this thinking I would be very emotional about it but I have not. I read something fairly recently – I apologize for not noting the source – that when one keeps everything nothing is precious. It stuck with me and has guided my decision making as I go through boxes in the attic and  cupboards that the items have not left the shelf since we moved in almost two years ago.

Kitchen things – dishes, pots and pans, gadgets – have always been my sticking point but I have been ruthless. I’m not catering anymore and if I did go back into the food business it would be something entirely other. This made it easy to part with multiples of things and giant pots and pans that I wouldn’t even use to cook for a big party at my place. I also got rid of things that had not been used in at least a year. Pared down serving pieces, including a heavy punchbowl with two many cups. I have moved it four times and used it two, time to go. We sold it on eBay with the proceeds going to purchase a new couch for a smaller living room, as did a few other things that we thought might be worth the hassle of shipping. Most has just gotten packed carefully and piled dutifully into the car to go to Good Will. I know it sounds hokey but I do feel lighter.

I am hopeful that by releasing these things into the world with whatever emotional baggage they contain, I am opening up space in my life for new, positive things. I’m not down with The Secret or abundance theology, but I do believe you can’t accept a new thing – job, adventure, whatever – if you are clutching things to you that don’t fit who you want to be anymore. I don’t know that I’ll have my life down to a suitcase – for more than a week or three anyway – but I’d like to have it light enough that I can go wherever the wind takes us.



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  1. I did the same thing recently- although we haven’t moved (yet) and I was amazed at how easy it was to get rid of the things that we hadn’t been using. We had amassed so many different glasses and other things that had been in the china cabinet that we never used- so we gave them to a single mother who had split from her boyfriend and starting her life over. I know she can put them to good use.

    That quote is really moving- about nothing being precious if you hold on to everything. Definitely a good perspective.. and food for thought.

    I hope you get everything set up in your new home soon, give it your personal touch and enjoy it for a long time! I definitely agree with you about not being able to move forward and accept what is coming if you are clutching on too tight to what no longer fits- but you just haven’t let go. Here’s to new great and positive experiences!! xxx

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